The Herbarium supports many courses, ranging from lower-level undergraduate classes through graduate-level courses, including Plants Humanity & Environment (BOT 131), Field Botany (BOT 155), Ecology of North America (BOT 171), Medicinal & Pharmacological Botany (BOT 181), Plant Biology (BOT 191), Dendrology (BOT 205), Plant Taxonomy (BOT 302), Plant and Fungal Diversity (BOT 312), Economic Botany (BOT 331), Morphology of Vascular Plants (BOT 4/509), Advanced Mycology (BOT 4/521), Global Plant Diversity (BOT 4/531), Ecoregions of North America (BOT 4/532), Tropical Flora of the Bahamas (BOT 4/599), Advanced Plant Taxonomy (BOT 621), Plant Biosystematics (BOT 665), and Advanced Topics in Systematics (BOT 750G), as well as a number of specialized topical seminars. The herbarium also provides teaching resources to other departments and units of the institution upon request. Student visitors totaled ca. 1,400 in the last 5 years.