The collection has been heavily used from 2005-2010. In addition to research in our department on Pteridophytes, Fabaceae, Asteraceae, and other projects, including floristic and ecological studies, many loans have been made. Because of the breadth of the holdings, many researchers from around the world have requested loans or specimen data, and many publications have been based on material borrowed from MU. In the last 5 years, 144 researchers have visited MU to examine our specimens. A total of 67 loans (11,459 specimens) have been sent to researchers around the world, including Ohio, other states in the United States, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Belgium, Canada, Spain, and China. Specimens were borrowed for the Flora of North America project, taxonomic studies, distributional data, invasive species studies, endangered species recovery plans, phylogenetic studies, and studies of pathogens on the herbarium sheets. In addition, 58 requests for label data and/or images of specimens were received.

Those borrowing the specimens included professional scientists, graduate students, and various agency personnel. Hundreds of papers and presentations have resulted from use of MU specimens. The minimum estimated numbers of publications, theses, dissertations, et cetera, based, at least in part, on specimens in MU during the last 5 years, as well as examples of 5 significant publications utilizing specimens from MU are provided below.